A Plastic Injection Molding Company That Offers Cost-Effective, High Quality Solutions

Vanguard Plastic Corp combines experience and superior skills to provide creative and successful solutions to all customers.

When you do business with us, you are working with:
A plastic injection molding company focused on cutting-edge technology. We develop and invest in technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce waste, and that saves you money.

A company that puts quality first. Our Continuous Improvement program ensures that we work to optimize all aspects of our operations, from management to customer service to production.

A truly global plastic injection molding company We have developed strong relationships with reliable suppliers around the world. These partnerships give us the tools and technology we need to produce our high-quality products and deliver them on time.

Highly skilled professionals Our team of expert personnel can meet the needs of the most demanding projects.
You can trust us to find innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements.