Dakota has been supplying the floral industry with basic floral supplies and accessories for wedding flowers since 1958. We manufacture quality plastic water tubes, water picks and pew clips for businesses marketing wholesale flowers, florist supplies, wedding decorations and wedding accessories. Contact us or your favorite distributor for samples.

Floral Piks

Our line of durable and economical Floral Piks (water picks) comes with soft TP rubber caps or a fast hinged cap. Original superspikes insert easily and hold securely in foam without tearing. Our original extension tips grip wood extension sticks tightly.

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Floral Tubes

Dakota’s line of economical Floral Tubes (water tubes) includes durable tubes in either translucent or translucent green that blends very well with stems, and the regular clear tube but in a little larger capacity. All come with our quality soft TP rubber caps.

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Our patented PEW KLIP is a great accessory for those businesses involved with weddings, wedding decoration, wedding supplies and wedding floral arrangements. The PEW KLIP can be used with pew bows, wedding flowers or as wedding aisle markers, and can be purchased either on its own, with a tube or with one of two available baskets.

For elegant aisle bouquets, simple arrangements or pew bows. Non-marring PEW KLIPS snap on quickly and hold securely on pews to 3″ thick. Eliminates objectionable taping on pews or unstable, unsightly rubber bands.

Our nonmarring PK 10 and PK12 KLIPS snap securely on the side of narrow end caps of newer style pews to hold arrangements in stable position.

PEW KLIPS are preferred by churches and florists alike for wedding aisle markers.

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