Q: What are these bowls made out of?

A: Our bowls are made out of an innovative material called Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). The material combines sawdust or other organic material like flax, rice hulls or coconut shells, with safe, certified plastic polymers. The result is a product which is more substantial, durable and wood-like than 100% plastic bowl. In fact, WPC is so durable that is now commonly used as decking, produced to look and feel like real lumber.

The sawdust we use is recovered from U.S. furniture manufacturers. Instead of being incinerated and contributing to CO2 emissions, we're giving it new life in our bowls!

We hare a plastic injection molding manufacturer in Connecticut with over 40 years of experience producing high quality, precision parts for the Healthcare, Automotive and Aerospace industries. We are bringing the best qualities of WPC to bowls and all other line of products we manufacture for any markets!

Q: How are your bowl colored? Do you use paint?

A: No- we NEVER use paint. We derive our color through the use of strictly tested and certified colorants that are molded in during the production process. Our colors are NOT sprayed or painted on to the material, so they will never flake, peel or smudge.

Q: Are these bowls recyclable?

A: WPC can be recycled with other WPC's and re-used, but because it's so new, most localities have not set up a recycling stream for this material. As more WPC decking and building supplies come on the market, this will change, but for right now, the best way to recycle this, is to give it a second life by donating it to someone who can use it.

 Q: Is this bowl made out of 100% recycled material?

A:  Not Yet. Sustainability is a journey, and we are only at the beginning. When we did our Kickstarter program, we had to use a WPC that was made with virgin (new) plastic and recycled sawdust. We have tested a fully recycled WPC formulation, but there are manufacturing issues with it that make it impossible to use in full production. We are working with various suppliers to solve these problems, but in the meantime we need to go with the safest, cleanest product we can buy. New types of recycled materials are coming out all the time, as more consumers demand sustainable products. We expect to find new ways to take advantage of the innovations that are already in the pipeline.

Q: Why is Made in the USA so important?

A: 85% of the world's kitchenware are made in China where myriad safety issues have plagued multiple industries including the Houseware Industry. We set out create a better Bowl. A fun bowl. A safe bowl. The only way to ensure safety is to use the highest quality materials available, and manufacture in the USA, where production is monitored and tested every step of the way. Because of that, we know the material content of our products down to the fraction of a percent. The end results are bowls that far exceed industry safety standards.

Furthermore, manufacturing jobs are important to the basic health of our economy. By employing Americans at fair wages, we can harness the superior productivity and quality that Americans bring to a job, and make high quality products at a competitive price. Designers, toolmakers, injection molders, testing labs, packaging manufacturers- it's a big list. Everyone involved is paid a living wage and works in an ethical environment. Quality/Safety & American jobs... sounds like a win-win to us!